• Thought Leadership

      Procensol is respected as a fearless thought leader by major enterprises worldwide. We are trusted, reliable and highly qualified advisors to our customers and partners in the field of Business Transformation, Innovation and delivery of Process-Centric Solutions.

    • Innovative Solutions

      In today’s disrupted industry environments, innovation is what keeps businesses ahead. Procensol inspires creative ways to bring business challenges and cutting-edge technologies together.


    • Appian Delivery

      Procensol has been delivering award-winning projects on the market-leading platform, Appian for nearly a decade. Using a proven Agile methodology, we are trusted partners for end-to-end Appian delivery in client projects. We are proud to be a Platinum A-Score accredited Appian partner.

  • What We Offer

    • Platform

      Harness the power of cloud and mobility with speed and simplicity. Appian is a modern, low-code, rapid development platform that lets you simply get on with business.


    • Solutions

      Our people are highly qualified, with a wealth of industry knowledge and technology experience. We reduce project start-up time dramatically by using the right solution.


    • Method

      As Appian delivery professionals for nearly a decade, our experts understand rapid development application. They complete projects faster, reduce your total financial outlay and deliver a better outcome.

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